August 3, 2022

Labor Savings, Order Flexibility, and SNAP-Ready Top List of ShopHero Fulfillment App Improvements

Newest update improves pick efficiency by 33%, boosts shopper satisfaction with in-order adds/deletes, and future-proofs for easily implementing SNAP; Fixes further boost order and inventory accuracy.

ShopHero released the latest update to the order fulfillment app - sometimes known as the picking app - with features and fixes that boost picking accuracy and efficiency, accommodate shopper order flexibility during fulfillment, and ready the platform for fast and smooth SNAP enablement at the point a store is approved.

This update will automatically be pushed to all current users without need to initiate any action on their end. New users can download the app from the Apple App Store or Google Play store according to their device operating system. The updates are simple and intuitive, and can easily be utilized without additional training.

Update Summary

  1. Order Flexibility

Key Benefit: Improved shopper satisfaction

Details: Order pickers can now easily add items or cancel items on an existing order right from the app if a customer calls and wants to modify their order during the fulfillment process. New intuitive buttons facilitate this option.

  1. Streamlined Product Pick Layout

Key Benefit: Improve pick efficiency by 33%, reduced labor cost

Details: Buttons have been rearranged and streamlined, resulting in the “Found” button being more prominent and eliminating one click  for marking an item found (reduced from 3 clicks to 2 clicks).

  1. SNAP-Ready

Key Benefit: The app is ready for SNAP order processing when the store is approved

Details: This update enables the app to seamlessly process SNAP orders once the store is approved and set up. This will facilitate quick and accurate implementation without additional upgrades to the app. (Note: this functionality is disabled by default until a store has completed the required SNAP approval process).

  1. Usability Enhancements

Key Benefit: Improved pick efficiency and reduced labor cost

Details: User interface and usability streamlining results in faster, more efficient picking for quick, more accurate order fulfillment.

Fixes Summary

  1. Restored and Improved Functionality

Key Benefit: Improved inventory management and accuracy, mapping capability

Details: "Disable & Remove Item from Site" button fully functional and "Mark Local" button in inventory management now indicates whether the action succeeded or failed. "Map" button on order summary page now fully functional.


If you experience any problems with the update or have additional questions regarding the new functionality, contact your ShopHero account manager, and they will assist you in resolving the issue as quickly as possible.

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