November 15, 2021

Your Shoppers Are In Good Hands

ShopHero experts hand-hold your new online shoppers

Getting shoppers online quickly and happily using your app is key to keeping them engaged with your online store long-term.

While your store-branded ShopHero website and mobile app are highly intuitive and simple to use, new shoppers sometimes have challenges navigating a new way of shopping.

Experts On Call - On Our Dime

Our shopper support team answers phone and electronic help desk questions from shoppers on your behalf, with your store name and branding. This extends your personal touch to frustrated online shoppers who might otherwise give up or tie up your phones and employees with technical questions.

Our experts get shoppers going again with a positive, successful experience. There’s no additional cost to you. The service is included as part of our commitment to ensuring independent grocer online success.

Online and Buying

Our objective is to help shoppers quickly get familiar and comfortable with your site and app so they can find the items they are looking for and have a successful shopping experience, from the time they log on through checkout.

Because of the high volume of shoppers we need to assist, we won’t be able to help them with their actual shopping orders. But we will make sure they understand how to use the site or app to efficiently do their shopping this time, and for many return trips in the future.

Get the details and get going

Speak with one of our experts about how the ShopHero Retail Success Platform can make a difference with online shopping success for your stores.

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